Halloween Decor for Under $3.00

 I love Halloween and everything related to it, however the season can do a unwanted drain on the pocketbook if your not careful. Dollar stores are a great alternative, but sometimes the items can be a little bit cookie cutter. Here's a spin on 2 dollar store items that took me less than 5 mins, and less than $3.00. 

What you will need:

Dollar store stuffed seasonal toy ($1.25)
A small plastic or Foam skull (I used a 5.5" Plastic $1.50/ Pkg of 2)
Hot Glue Gun

1) Find a stuffed toy
2)Find a skull that will fit into the "face"
3) Pierce a small hole in the face and cut out the material (Cut smaller than skull, easier to cut  more away than to glue more)
4) Remove stuffing from head area
5)Place skull into face and take note of where the fabric hits so you know where to put hot glue.
6) Hot glue material to skull, I recommend all the way around stretching the material to fit snug on the skull.

Your done!

I am putting a few of these around my  house, face down, during a haunted house party. Innocent from one side and unexpected from the other.

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