Halloween Decoration That Only Costs a Penny!




Introduction: Halloween Decoration That Only Costs a Penny!

Here is a fun and cheep Halloween decoration made from a penny, some spare wire and glue.

Step 1: Materials Needed...

Pennies....other coins will also work if you use epoxy to attach legs.

Wire for the legs...any wire will do.

BB ammo for eyes...or any thing else you can think of.

Mini Torch and solder (optional). If you are going to solder the legs on.

Step 2: Prepare...

Cut your wires to the length.

Try to make them all the same.

My wires are about 4" long.

Use sand paper or a file to make your cut ends smooth.

Step 3: Solder or Epoxy...

Place the penny heads down with the legs close together on the back of the penny.

Solder the legs to the penny. I use a ceramic plate to solder on.

This can also be done with two part epoxy. I suggest 5 minute type. Remember that 5 minute epoxy only sets in 5 minutes and to get full strength it will take longer.

Step 4: Bending the Legs...

When bending the legs, hold the spider with a pair of needle nose pliers. You do not want to pull the legs off.

Bend the legs out.

Bend the legs up.

Last, bend the legs down to make a knees.

Step 5: Eyes...

I like my spider to look like all the parts are made out of the same material. So I use copper BB ammo and flatten them to make the eyes. I also use a center punch to make pupils for my spider. You could use anything you want to make the eyes, even paint or a marker.

I epoxy the BB ammo eyes on because when you flip it over and try to solder the eyes on the legs fall off.

Step 6: Put a Spider Everywhere...

Make a spider chain.

Hang one on the window.

Put one in a plant

Stick one on a pumpkin....or place one around your wife's/girlfriend's neck!

Challenge: Think of a great idea for a spider and show me!

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    3 years ago

    These are really cool! Super creative too!