Halloween Door Decoration. Zombie Attack!




Introduction: Halloween Door Decoration. Zombie Attack!

Decorate your door for Halloween as a zombie attack, DIY this halloween craft with some cardboard and acrylics paints!

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Step 1: A Piece of Cardboard and Black EVA or Fomi

This will be the base, you can glue it at the beginning

Step 2: Cut Some Cardboard As Planks

Cut some cardboard as planks and paint them looking like wood

Step 3: Glue Cardboard Planks

Glue cardboard planks into the first pieces (cardboard + EVA)

Step 4: Create Skeleton Hands

Use hot glue over backing paper let dry and take it off. Then use nail polish to paint it

Step 5: Make Zombie Eyes

WIth 2 polystyrene balls and some highlighters

Step 6: Glue Everything!


Step 7: Step by Step Video

you can watch this video if you have any doubt! Enjoy

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    3 years ago

    Last step is a video where you can watch every step.