Halloween Duck Costume

Introduction: Halloween Duck Costume

An adorable and simple costume with little effort!


Yellow sweatpants and hoodie

1 Large white felt

2 Orange stiff felt pieces

2 Big googly eyes

White boa


With the white felt, cut an oval and sew it to the front of the top hoodie.

Measure the boa to fit around the wrists, legs, and don't forget the tail!! For the hood part, wrap it loosely around and tuck the edges under the white felt. You can glue it on, but I also put some scattered sew stitches to keep it firmly in place.

With the orange felt, cut out the ducks bill (like the visor of a baseball cap). But make sure you add a few inches to the other end so that you will have enough room to glue to the inside of the hood. With the other orange felt, google a pattern for duck feet, and cut two to attach to the bottom of the legs. (They will just lay over the shoes).

To get the eyes set the best. It is easier to put the hoodie on the child and glue them in the right place.

And now, you have your adorable little duckie!!!

My son came in first place in a costume contest winning an awesome battery operated childs 4-wheeler!!!

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