Halloween FLASH LED Emblem, for Your Shirt/suit

Introduction: Halloween FLASH LED Emblem, for Your Shirt/suit


Today, something non-leathal. Perfect for halloween or case-modders :p

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Step 1: Tools and Material


- Dremel or electric drill and a 3mm drillbit (I used 5, too bright)

- Jig-saw

- Soldering iron

- Hot glue

- Epoxy glue and maybe a bit of wonderglue (epoxy for everything is not wrong though!)

- Golden spraypaint (+ primer or just white/grey basecoat in a can)

- Sanding paper 800-1000 grid or steel-wool


- 6-8 white or red superbright LEDs, 3mm

- Resistors for 4.2V in, I used 56 R

- Switch

- AA battery holder

- 14500 Li Ion cell (or Li Ion button cell plus holder)

- Wire (red/black)

- Plexiglass 4-5mm thick

- Aluminum sheet (or polystyrene/ABS whatever) 1.5mm thick

- Switch 5V / 100mA +

Step 2: The Steps

1. Cut out all the pieces you need, plexi-circle plus alu ring and lightning-bolt. Clean the edges with sanding paper or a small file.

2. Glue the bolt on the ring, make sure it sits right, no way to adjust once the glue has cured. Put some basecoat or primer on it after 10 min (assuming its 5min epoxy), then gold.

3. Drill 6-8 holes into the side around the plexi-circle, 3mm drill-bit, as shown in the video.

4. Insert LEDs, solder on the resistors, add enough wire on each to reach the middle of the plexi circle, +1 inch!

5. Solder together all red end and all black ends, red to red, black to black, don't mix! Then a wire reaching from your chest to your thigh/pockets or belt, in case you want to put the AA-holder on your belt.

6. Solder the switch to + aka the red end, then the switch with an addional piece of wire to the + of the battery-holder, black end to - of the battery-holder.

7. Grab an old (best would be red) shirt, and cut out a circle, between nipple A and B :p use the inner diameter

of your alu ring as a template! Will work best. Cotton is flexible, don't cut it too wide.

8. Glue the shirt-edge to the plexi-edge using epoxy, make sure the ring will cover up the rendevous-point!

Getting rid of fabric reaching into the ring will be a tough job, if its drenched in epoxy!

9. Let it cure for 10 min and then put a thin line of epoxy around the inside of the ring, not too much, or you

will squeeze out an ugly wall of eposy, building up around the ring!

10. Curing for 10 min once again, and we are done :) insert the 14500 Li Ion and try it out!

Step 3: Instructional Video

As always, I build and fabricate WHILE filming, true story, the real stuff, so do what I do, listen to what I'm saying in the video, its worth the 10 min of your time! Will avoid mistakes ;)

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

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    It looks so professional! Very nice :)


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    Thx ^^