Halloween Flower Beaded Earrings With Owl Links

Introduction: Halloween Flower Beaded Earrings With Owl Links

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This is a special jewelry for the Halloween.

They are Halloween flower beaded earrings with owl links!

Here I will tell you how to make dangle earrings with morning glory beads and owl links, hope you will like them!

This pair of Halloween earrings is easy to make with only owl links and black morning glory beads, so if you are interested in making Halloween jewelry, the flower beaded earrings will be a nice idea for you to try. Now follow me to see the detailed steps together~

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Step 1: Jewelry Making Supplies

Golden Jump Rings

Golden Ball Headpins

Antique Golden Halloween Owl Links

Black Morning Glory Glass Beads

Golden Earring Hooks

Golden Twisted Chain

Flat Nose Pliers

Side Cutting Pliers

Round Nose Pliers

Step 2: Make Several Flower Beads Patterns

1st, slide a black morning glory glass bead to a headpin and make a small loop at the other end it;

2nd, make other more such flower bead patterns with black glass beads and headpins.

Step 3: Finish the Flower Beaded Earrings

1st cut a short piece of twisted chain and hang it to bottom of an owl link;

2nd, attach all the black glass bead patterns to the chain as pictured and add an earring hook to the top of the owl link;

3rd, repeat above steps to make the other one of the Halloween earrings.

Step 4: Final Look of the Flower Beaded Earrings

Hey, the flower beaded earrings are finished quickly, how do you think of them? Did you have fallen in love with them? Hope you can get some inspirations from this pair of Halloween earrings and can make your own.

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