Halloween Friendship Bracelets




Introduction: Halloween Friendship Bracelets

The perfect craft for this Halloween season!

Are you throwing a Halloween party and need fun, inexpensive favors? Do you have a best friend you’d like to treat this season? Is there a special someone you’ve been wanting to impress?

Halloween friendship bracelets could be the answer you’re looking for! They’re a perfect addition to the holiday season. Show your loved ones you care this Halloween season with attractive, hand-made jewelry.

Step 1: Materials

To make a knotted Halloween bracelet, you will need:

- 4 different colors of basic lanyard string (can be found at any Michael's or Hobby Lobby)
- Scissors

Optional materials:
- Bells, charms, or beads for accents
- Masking tape

Step 2: Prepare Your String

Measure out 3 ft. for each of the four different strings and cut.
Tie a simple knot with the four strings to hold them together. Make the knot at the end of the strings, but be sure to leave a couple of inches free past the knot. This will make tying the bracelet around your wrist much easier.
For support, either tape the end of the strings to a solid surface, or tie the strings to a solid structure like a table leg.

Step 3: Begin Knotting

This basic knotting step will be repeated over and over until you finish your bracelet. The number of times you repeat the knotting step determines the length of your bracelet. These instructions will make a 6 inch bracelet, but feel free to expand or shorten the pattern at necessary.

- First, layout your string in the order you wish the colors to appear. I chose black, orange, yellow, then white to imitate the colors of a candy corn (img. 1).
- Next, take the black string on the far left and lay it over the next orange string at a perpendicular angle. The black string should form the shape of a "4" over the orange string (img 2).
- Once you have made the "4" shape, guide the black string back under the orange string so that you create a black loop (img. 3).
- Pull the black loop up the orange string until a small black knot is made at the top of the strings (img. 4).
- REPEAT the knotting twice so the black knot is slightly thicker.

Step 4: Knotting Through the Colors

Once you have a solid black knot at the top of the orange string, push the orange string to the far left and move the black string to the left of the next color.
Repeat the motions for Step 3 again with the next colored string. When you've tied a knot around the yellow string twice, move on to the white string. After you've finished knotting around the white string, the black string should be on the far right side. A small line of black knots should be visible along the top of the strings (img. 3).

Step 5: Building on the Knots

Once the black string has traveled over to the right side, the orange string should now be on the far left.
Repeat the same steps with the orange string that you did with the black string. Knot twice around each individual string, moving from left to right, until the orange string is on the far right and the yellow string is on the left. Repeat again with every string until you can see rows of knots building from the top of the strings (img. 4).

Step 6: Adding Accents

After you've knotted a couple of rows of colors, you may want to add a bell or charm to the pattern for fun.

Knot over to one of the inside strings (the yellow string in img. 2), and string the bell up to the top of the lanyard. Once the bell is pushed against the previous knots, tie double knots like usual around the inside string. Make sure you begin the knot below the bell or charm; otherwise, the accent will not be secured to any string and will fall off the bracelet. Once you make the usual knots under the accent, continue knotting the row like normal (img. 3). Move along to the outside string when you finish, and the bell will stay in place.

You can add multiple bells or charms throughout the bracelet. For this bracelet, I will add an accent after every two complete sets of the colored knots (img. 5-10).

Step 7: Completing the Bracelet

When you reach your desired bracelet length and you are satisfied with your accent choices, you may "tie off" or finish your bracelet.

To complete your bracelet, tie a simple knot with all four colors of string (img. 1). You should try to push the knot up so that it fits directly under your last row of color. Once you have tied off the bracelet, use your scissors to cut the remaining string. Remember to leave a few extra inches of thread to make tying the bracelet around your wrist easier (img. 2). You may also want to ask a friend to help tie the bracelet around your wrist if you experience difficulty.

If the bracelet is a gift, make sure to leave enough string for the recipient to easily fasten the bracelet. For extra fun, consider making your own gift bag and using the extra thread for a matching bow. Your loved ones will appreciate the thought and admire your handiwork.

Once you snip the extra thread, your bracelet is finished! Congratulations!

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