Halloween Ghost Hack!!!



Introduction: Halloween Ghost Hack!!!


Styrofoam head( 4.99)
Stake or white long curtain rod or object of that sorts
Elmer's glue
Wire hanger (2)
Styrofoam from boxes
Packing tape
Old white tags or in my case old white gown used in a dead bride costume
2 clear marbles, or clear pumpkin jewels you can get this things at any craft store


This whole ghost cost me a total of 4.99 plus tax and it hangs so much better than other store bought ghosts , this whole project was. Done in 40 minutes

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Step 1: Head and Shoulders

Grab the styrofoam head scoop out the eyelids not completely just to put the clear marbles, rocks,jewels etc . Hot glue them on, this is purely optional, you can always leave the eyes as they are and jump it applying the glue all over the face ( apply generously) grab your cheese cloth stretch it around the face to capture the features of the face, now set it aside and grab your 2 wire hangers open one of them out and thread it the other as if it were shoulders and arms sticking out, tape the middle , now styrofoam the arms and stick the head on the hanger form , keep hot gluing fabric and cheese cloth as you like .


Try and go for the super shiny fabric ( white) it catches the light like crazy so keep that in mind while building , I hot glued extra fabric the hung low so when I do display it , it will look as though it's floating.

Step 2: Attach Body and Head

Now get your curtain rod stake and attach it straight into the head, I applied hot glue in the very top just to make sure it stay in place and not fall/ break etc

And voila your done you now have yourself a creepy awesomely cheap ghost!


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    4 years ago

    this is awesome! I'm totally doing this!


    Reply 4 years ago

    Make sure you post pics if you dooooo, I'd love to c them!!