Halloween Glowing Evil Eyes!





Introduction: Halloween Glowing Evil Eyes!

Hi! this is mi first instructables, I'm 15 years old from Italy with a passion for electronics. I hope you like it :)
p.s: my English isn't bad, but isn't perfect! Then, sorry if you don't understand something, this is my first instructables!

I placed this project in the Halloween Decoration Contest, I hope you like it and vote for me :)

It's time to make your own HALLOWEEN GLOWING EVIL EYES!
These glowing eyes will make you haunted house more scary and at the same time, funny!

This project is really simple and really cheap.

Step 1: What Do You Need

For this Instructable you need:
- Old toilet paper or scottex roll
if you haven't toilet paper roll you can use dark  cardboard.
- Glowsticks (Starlight).......................20 pcs pack: 1,50$
- Cutter
- Scissors
- Aluminium foil
- Scotch or glue

Step 2: Design Cardboard or Roll

Draw evil eyes on cardboard or paper roll and cut it. Take care to use the cutter ;)

Step 3: Glue the Foil

cut aluminium foil to the perfect size (!) and glue on the paper or the roll. This is for make reflect more light.
Wrap the cardboard and glue the sides to form a tube.

Step 4: Put Glowsitcks in the Eyes and Have Fun!

Now you have only to turn on glowstick (broke, shake shake shake, lights!) and put it in to the tube and the eyes will glow! :D



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    9 Discussions

    This is great!

    Another variation is to use a "throwie" type LED + battery. Or a 555 or 556 timer + two LEDs for blinking lights.

    Great Instructible. Wish I had started when I was 15!


    Buon lavoro per la tua prima instructable! Continuare a creare!
    Good job for your first instructable! Keep creating!

    Very Clever. I'll give it a go.

    i just did a variation of your idea. i spray painted the tubes black, taped off the ends with blk electrical tape, and rolled up white paper for the inside. the glow diffused through the paper for a softer effect. looks awesome! thanx!

    this decoration is too easy to pass up - plus, they sell glow sticks at the dollar store!

    This is a fabulous idea and so simple. I am definitely doing this with my kids this year. Great job on your first instructable..:)

    Oh, that's clever!

    Imagine the fun you could have, slipping these into bushes around a camp-site...


    Oh, questo è intelligente!

    Immaginate il divertimento si potrebbe avere, scivolando in questi cespugli intorno a un campeggio ...

    (Tradotto con google)