Halloween Hand Punch

Introduction: Halloween Hand Punch

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Hand punch is a pun , this is a very simple and easy to do Halloween food/drink idea great for a party and to show to kids.

What you need:
-2 unpowdered non-latex gloves- im saying non-latex because if youre going to serve this at a party with a latex glove a child could go into anaphylaptic shock
-Orange juice, pineapple juice (considered adding sprite but there is 54g of sugar in one can of sprite and children already have enough sugar on Halloween)
-Fruit punch
-Large serving bowl



1. Gather everything you need listed above
2. Wash out gloves powdered or not, always good to wash everything anyways
3. Start thawing your juice if you have frozen concentrated juice or skip to step 4
4. Fill the gloves to the wrist with the red fruit punch and tie off, put in fridge because these will take a very long time to freeze.
5. Waiting ....doing another instructable
6. Now the hand is frozen, cut the glove off the hand and you will have 2 frozen hands! As seen in photo.
7. Put the juice in large bowl and add the hands.
8. Your juice will start looking like decapitated hands and children will be amazed.
9. Comment! Feedback is loved.

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