Halloween Haunted House



This is our haunted house based in our garage. The whole idea began 4 or 5 years ago when I asked my dad if we could make a little casket for Halloween. My dad being an engineer and supporting my little project decided to give it a go. I promised him that the circuitry would be basic and the cost would be almost nothing. It took 3 years and hundreds of dollars to get just the casket working, but since then we've added the spider, the black curtain, the door sign, various skeletons, and most recently the candy conveyor. Almost everything is custom made in the fun house. We had plans for some spotlights and music that would play in accordance with the props; unfortunately, this year we ran out of time, but next year we hope to finish those projects although we're never quite finished. Every year a new addition gets added to the list and I'm sure next year won't disappoint. From the video you can see that we're using an Arduino to control the whole fun house and some custom circuit boards that we etched just for this. A small model airplane motor drives the spider, a 12v drill opens the casket, and the candy conveyor, inspired by our greedy neighbors, uses an old, geared down ice cream machine motor. Winner or not my dad and I are extremely proud of our handy work and can often be quoted saying, " not bad for an engineer, a 15-year old, and a few days worth of work each year." See the pictures and video below.




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