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This is my Haloween drawing entry. I have been drawing cars since I was in second grade but I have not put any on the inernet until today.I hope to one day open my own car company that produces aerodynamic  and indivdual cars. Anyway this is how to draw the Halloween Hearse.

Step 1: The Supplies and Tips

What you need to draw this thing is pretty straight forward.
1. A piece of paper
2. A pencil with a good eraser (This eraser part tends to disapear)
3. A mechanical pencil (for the percision lettering and darkening) (optional)

Just so you know I didn't plan this car before hand. I just rambled on and drew whatever came to mind. It still, as normal, came out really nice!

Step 2: Windsheild

Beleive it or not the way I start drawing a car is the windsheild. Through this part I can determine the width height and overall look of the "eyes" of the car.

Step 3: The Hood

Next draw the hood. It is made by slightly slanted lines because of the angle the hearse will be sitting at. The front of the hood is slanted at about the same angle as the windsheild. The downward pointing lines show aproximately where the corners of the hearse will be.

Step 4: Roof Line and Front of Hearse

The roof line goes straight across. The front end of the hearse is formed by a line that is curved like the windsheild but much larger.

Step 5: The Wheel Well and Bottom Line

Next the front wheel well. This is made at the same angle as the hood line and the wheel well is an oval-like shape in that area.

Step 6: Back Wheel Well and the Rear

The rear wheel well should be at the same angle and shape as the fiont one, the difference is that the rear should be slightly smaller. The rear slightly curves up and into the roof line maintaining a great aerodynamic shape.

Step 7: Chopping the Windsheild and Adding Windows

The windsheild I originally drew was too big, so, as shown draw a matching curved line slightly underneath the first and erase the old one. The windows should be aproximatly the same size as the windsheild, but not at the same angle as the windsheild. Don't bother with the design on the rear window. I revise the rear and front window later, but put them in as reference.

Step 8: Rounding the Front

Amazing what happens when you remove the reference lines!

Step 9: The First Headlights and the Killer Brushguard

The headlights are at the angle of the front end of the hearse and as you look through the pictures watch how I change the angle of the brush guards design. Also round out the fronts corners on the hood section of the hearse.

Step 10: The Grille and First Bars on the Killer Brushguard

The grille of the hearse is formed by lines slanted at the same angle of the windsheild and front bumper, just without the curve. The brushguards bars are formed at the same angle of the grille, but notice that they round when they apear to hit the larger pieces.

Step 11: The Edges of the Killer Brushguard and the Mirrors

These are difficult, the closest side apears to go at the same angle as the first bars. The second farther side is tricky because it's not quite at the same angle as the near side, but the vertical lines are the same angle-wise. The mirrors stick out at angles matching the windsheild line. The far mirror is just barely visible in the picture.

Step 12: The Reapers Sythe (The Mini Gun) Part 1

First the opening needs to be made in the roof for the guns joint and the operator. The roof lines are made at the same angle as the back of the roof and the windows. The hinges come straight up and back into the opening. The blast sheild on either side of the gun is drawn slightly on top of the hinge. The top and bottom of the blast sheild are formed by lines at the same angle as the roof line.

Step 13: The Reapers Sythe Part 2

Now the barrels, which is formed by one large barrel coming straight out of the gap between the blast sheilds. Than adding more lines to give the appearance of barrels also make a oval-like circle to form the hinge joint between the gun and the base. Draw another line curving at the same curvature as the oval on front of the gun to form the minigun look. Than finish the gun by drawing the holes for the barrels and the bullets coming into the gun.

Step 14: Wheel Cover and Rear Track

Now, normally I use wheel covers for aerodynamic flow but in this case it is guard the track from enemies. The bottom of the track is at the same angle of the hearse but at the near side shoots underneath it.

Step 15: Front Tire

Pretty simple really, just complete the wheel wells oval shape. Than at the bottom of the tire, draw a line that extends under the hearse and than curve up in the same oval-like shape. A smaller oval makes the rim and then some triangular pattern and a spike in the center complete it.

Step 16: Killer Brushguard, Bigger Engine, and Better Headlights

Start by erasing some of the old guide lines. You can go ahead and take out the square-like wheel cover because you will anyway. Sharpen the points on the Killer Brushguard makeing is deadlier. Give the hearse more power by bulging up the hood to make room for the bigger engine. Next add some vents to that part to give it a more intimidating look. After that give the headlights a more evil look with coming around the inner most headlight and wrapping it around the body to a point about half way down the side. Fill the new space with a lot more headlights and shade the turn signals.

Step 17: Bigger Grille, Cruel Windsheild, and Making a Thiner Evil Windows

The grill wasn't intimidating enough for me so I made it bigger, extending between the brushguard and rounding it up to the headlights. Next is one of my favorite parts! Creating that evil looking expression on the windsheild. Erase the top of the windsheild and point it toward the center of the bulged engine. Then extend the windsheild a little farther back as shown to create a evil piont. The front window will than need to be changed to match the angle of the side of the windsheild and be shrunk down height-wise so it is he same height as the windsheild. Finally make the height of the front and rear window match with a sharp rounded point at the end.

Step 18: Exhaust Pipes and Tail Light

For the Exhaust pipes, a small rectangular section can be erased into the side and than filled with the shaded ends of exhaust pipes. The tail light is formed by adding a small rounded section to the back and shading it in.

Step 19: Finishing It Up!

Now it's all darkening lines adding the torn up detail and the advertisement on the side which I borrowed from a friends joke. "You stab em' We slab em'. Oh... and the bullet holes through the blast sheild on the Reapers Scthe can be added if you want.

If you draw this or have questions please give me a comment so I can help or thank you.

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