3D Halloween House/Graveyard (C02 Laser)


Introduction: 3D Halloween House/Graveyard (C02 Laser)

This is not a full step-by-step instructable, but rather the laser templates to create this for use as a standee or a photo frame.
Feel free to alter them and have fun with it!!

Photo: This was di-cut from 1/16" plastic for a custom plaque the files included are to make everything but the plaque.

It could be used as a 3D Halloween sign or decoration without the use of the plaque.
Note: Suspend the moon on a wire from the back.

There is also the option of using the ALT file for the house which has a knock out in it for a 4x6 photo!
Making it look like a cave with bats hanging on the top for an awesome Halloween 3D photo frame
you could personalize.... put the person in the photo's name on one of the gravestones!

Note: more advanced builders could use some scrap left over and make a drop in for glass or
plexi and the photo and a wedge stand on the back to hold it up.

By request I have added .JPG versions of the files to go a long with the .CDR (Corel Draw) versions attached.

Plastics needed:

1- 1/16" x 12"x24" sheet of Grey with Black core (tombstones)
1- 1/16" x12"x24" sheet of Black with Gold Core (manor on hill and partial moon, if you want a full moon engrave the entire circle)
1- 1/16" x12"x24" sheet of Black - reversed engraved plastic (for fence)
and some superglue or other clear adhesive



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    I8nite: I added JPG files per your request. Hope that helps... I guess with these people that don't have a laser could use them as templates for use with a bandsaw or jewelers saw to cut it out of anything. Thanks for the suggestion!

    I really like the images but they won't open for me, what format are you using? It says they are psp7 images but wont open in paintshoppro7

    2 replies

    The Files should actually have .CDR after them. They were created in Corel Draw (Vector). Let me know if you need them converted to something else. If I can I will. I know I can convert them to Adobe Illustrator. (vector)

    Being only semi computer literate, I'm not sure what I need. Could you post the images in the ible for those like me who may want to use them as a basis for another project, In my case that would be inspiration for next years signs, not a direct copy