Halloween Iris

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This is a very Adams family like and kid friendly craft. Again, I wanted to use what ist in the house, so improvisation rules


Acrylic paint
Large paper
Pingpong Ball
Printed iris
Glue (gun)

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Step 1: Paint

First paint a large circle on your paper.
I used purple and red plus a pinch of white.
Dip a kitchensponge into the colours and poke on the paper.
Let it dry and repeat on the back side.

Step 2: Bloom

Now cut a spiral from the circle. Dom‘t Cut straight but go for some waves and fringes.
When finished, start from that end that used to be the center of the circle.
Roll and fold the paper spiral and form the flower. When finished, glue your blossom to some extra paper or cardboard.

Step 3: Roll

Next cut a ping pong ball in half.
Cut out an iris print.
Soaked it in pva glue and place it in top of the half ball.
Let it dry.

Step 4: Finish

Last: place the half ball in the middle of the blossom.
Glue the flower to a straw.
I covered the ball with liquid laminate so give it a wet impression.
Well, that’s it!

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