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Introduction: Halloween Jack Skellington Cupcake Toppers

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Halloween is coming pretty fast so why not make some Jack Skellington Cupcake Toppers? A few simple tools + black and white fondant are all you need!

What I like about Halloween is that you can go wild when it comes to decorations, costumes, drinks, foods and party ideas! There are no boundaries or limits (only your budget) and you are allowed to do or make anything. The crazier the better! The scarier the better! And I have to say people are pretty creative when it comes to Halloween!

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Step 1: Watch the Video for This Tutorial:

Step 2: Tools and Products You Will Need:

Fondant for 12 toppers:

130g/4.5oz White

80g/2.8oz Black



Rolling Pin

Paint Brush

Round Cookie Cutter

Icing Sugar for Dusting

Bone Cake Modelling Tool

Flower/Leaf Shaping Cake Modelling Tool

+ Water

Step 3: Method:

The following process is easy like most of the fondant projects I make. I try using tools that are available in every household. If you see me using special cake decorating tools, then I will also include simple substitutions which might help you deciding whether you can make it or not.

Start off with rolling out white fondant. Roll it out thin. Using your round cutter, cut out circles. If you are making 12 of them I suggest you cut out all 12 circles first, then move onto making the face.

For the face:

The eyes are made by rolling black fondant into balls, then barrels which are flattened. With your circle cutter, trim off one edge of the barrel shape. Smoothen the edges and shape them into kind of a drop. Have a look at the video or picture if you are not sure.

For the mouth:

This is the fun part. You will need to roll black fondant into really thin and long spaghetti. This will be the mouth onto which you will attach the “stitches” (1cm in length). Attach these onto the spaghetti. This should be about 8 cm long for each mouth. This will depend how you will shape the mouth and where you will position it. Again, no need for perfection here! Jack Skellington is not perfect after all!


I simply made an indentation into white fondant somewhere in the middle of the circle and filled these with a very small piece of fondant. I pressed it down and shaped a bit with bone cake modelling tool. Have a look at the video for a better understanding.

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    3 years ago

    Oh, these are cute! That reminds me, it is almost time to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas again.


    3 years ago

    I want these like right now, please make me a batch :3