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Introduction: Halloween LED Decorations

In my robotics class, we are to make Halloween decorations using our newly acquired soldering skills. My partner and I will be making flashing eyes for this Halloween bat decor.

Step 1: Tools and Parts



  • Soldering iron
  • solder
  • wire cutters
  • safety glasses
  • solder cleaner
  • small Phillips head screwdriver (optional)
  • scissors (optional)
  • masking tape (optional)

total cost: $20

Step 2: Solder

Start the kit. Solder the pieces together by following the manual. Do not do steps 5 and 6.

Be careful to not mix up the resistors. Double check the colors before you solder.

Step 3: Solder Pt 2

Where the LEDs are supposed to go, solder the jumper wires. They come attached to each other, I'd recommend keeping it that way. Put in your own LEDs in the jumper wires. Usually, the longer wire of the LED is the positive side, make sure that the positive wire goes into the positive jumper wire slot. Then, solder in the battery pack. make sure that the actual wires aren't exposed and the rubber part is flush with the board. Don't put in the batteries until after you are done with this step.

You can take a small Phillips head screwdriver to turn the small screw-like things in the trimmer to make the LED flash at different speeds.

Step 4: Modify Your Bat

This part may be different for everyone. At this point, you want to figure out how to make the lights show up as the eyes and make a place for your circuit to go. For us, it was fairly easy. All we needed to do was cut a few holes in the back of the bat and position the LEDs right. The front of our bat was made in such a way that we could easily poke the LEDs through. We kept the wires in place by using masking tape. As seen in the picture above, The circuit was put in the back, while the lights are in the head. When you position the parts how you want it and tape it all up, close up the back a little bit so it looks neater. Make sure the circuit is still accessible, just in case you want to change something.

Step 5: Done!

Watch a short video of our flashing eyes here. You are now free to hang his wherever you like and turn it on.

Happy making!

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    Nice. LEDs make black props a lot more visible in the dark.