Halloween LED Light Skeleton Grave Decor



Introduction: Halloween LED Light Skeleton Grave Decor

In my robotics class, we are making Halloween decorations using new soldering techniques that we were blessed upon by our beloved teacher. My partner and I will be making flashing eyes for this Headstone.

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Step 1: Materials You Will Need

    Flashing LED Kit $3 at frys.com

    Lithium coin batteries $5 for 4 on amazon.com

    Jumper Wires $3 for 40 on amazon.com

    Battery holder $4 for 5 on amazon.com

    Manual for the kit pdf (also comes with the kit)

    lithium coin batteries $6 for 20 on amazon.com

    Halloween skeleton grave decor $3


    Soldering iron

    Solder Wire cutters

    Safety glasses

    Solder cleaner

    Small Phillips head screwdriver (optional)

    Scissors (optional)

    Masking tape (optional)

    Total cost: $18 - 20

    Step 2: Let's Get Soldering

    1. Get your soldering Iron

    2. Turn on the heat for your soldering iron

    3. Get your soldering cleaner

    4. Get you soldering wire

    5. Get any other tool you are using for soldering

    6. Get the Led kit open

    7. Open up the instructions

    7. Put on your safety glasses

    8. Follow the kit's instructions for soldering, but SKIP STEP 5 AND 6


    10. Clip long prongs when done.

    Note: Whenever you put in resistors or anything with long prongs, bend them outwards slightly so they do not fall out or move when you solder

    Step 3: After Your Solder

    After following the instructions (skipping step 5 and 6) your finished product should look like the picture above.

    Note: I myself didn't watch how I put in my resistors so make sure you don't do the same.

    Step 4: Replacement of Step 5 and 6

    Since we did not do steps 5 and 6, here's a way to replace them.

    1. Take your Jumper wires (male to female) and solder the male part of the wire where the LED's would go in the instructions.

    2. Do that to both spots where the LED's should go with two jumper wire

    3. Now after you have soldered the jumper wires, take the ion coin battery pack and solder it where the instructions tell you to solder it. (RED WIRE GOES WITH SLOT THAT SAYS "RED" SAME THING WITH THE BLACK WIRE)

    After you have finished this, your circuit board should look a little something like the picture above!

    Step 5: Adding the Led's

    1. Take your gravestone (or any decor you have with eyes) and drill holes where the eyes of the figure is. Like the picture above, this is what yours should look like.
    2. After, take the led's and stick it through the holes of the eyes
    3. Next you want to plug in your female jumper ports into the LED lights (WATCH POLARITY) You can reference to the manual on which side is positive and which is negative if you would like.
    4. Put in the ion batteries into the battery pack like the picture above.
    5. Once everything is set, flip the on switch and see if your lights start to light up
    6. If they light up then you have done everything right. If not, it's either the battery's are put in wrong, the wire ports aren't plugged in all the way, or the LED lights aren't plugged in correctly (polarity is wrong)

    Step 6: Finished Project


    Here's some things I did different:

    • I decided to make an extra set of LED's to the little ghost at the bottom
    • My Skeleton LED's are color changing LED's
    • The wiring for me was different

    Note: The last picture with the wire is how yours should look like.

    Step 7: You Are Officially Done!! \>0

    If you want to watch a short video to see my final project, click here---> (^-^)

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