Halloween Makeup (Muerte)




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I made this makeup last year when I was attending a party in the middle of the summer. I think that you don't have to wait until Halloween to be able to play with some makeup.

Step 1: Yu'll Need a Face to Paint On.

clean your face and cover your hair. You don't wanted on the way when you are putting your makeup on.

Step 2: Paint It White

Put on some clown white makeup. I bought a better one now. The one that I used wasn't so good and I use to sweat a lot.

Step 3: The Nose

Put a little bit powder on to get a better finish. Draw and paint the nose

Step 4: Draw the Spider Web

Ill try to make it better next time. It was't so symmetric as I wanted but the wig will hide my mistake.

Step 5: Add Rhinestones

Step 6: Put the Wig On!!



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