Halloween Milk Jug Lanterns



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Intro: Halloween Milk Jug Lanterns

A super easy, super cheap and yet (can be seen as) super festive Halloween decoration!

Step 1: Indoor and Outdoor

These Halloween milk jug lanterns are great not just for outdoor but also for indoor. You can place them on window area, under table, on the porch, on the yard, or let them hang on the wall and/or from ceiling.

Step 2: Materials and Method

All you need to make these lanterns are:

Clean empty milk jugs

Black and colorful markers, permanent

Christmas lights (or spider lights, either all blues, all whites, or colorful is your call)

Kitchen knife or craft knife

Follow your imagination or trace a printed picture/drawing, and start decorating each jug!

You can drop each light into the top of the milk jugs or you can make a hole on the bottom of each milk jug and push in spider lights.

That is all :)



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