Halloween Morgue Gerney



Introduction: Halloween Morgue Gerney

Quick- simple and easy.

Step 1: Halloween Morgue Gerney

Simple quick and cheap.
Safety first!!
Gloves/ safety glasses.

Drill/drill bits 1/8 and variable hole bit
Hack saw
Allen key if needed

Step 2: Halloween Morgue Gerney

Supplies needed:
Table/ folding. Used $12.thrif store New $29 @ Walmart
2- walkers with wheels - used $3 each thrift store
8- small screws.

Step 3: Halloween Morgue Gerney

Ok here we go:
Quick release - push button on walker wheel post and pull of the tube with the wheel.
Open your table and set it upside down.
Place wheel and tube assembly over top of your table leg, if you have foot rubber protectors on the feet of your table leg - remove it first.
Take your hammer, preferable a dead blow hammer and tap the wheel post down so it's flush with the top of your leg post.
Take your drill and drill through the wheel post and inner leg and screw in the screw to secure the wheel post. Now add another drill hole lower and put a screw in that hole. Repeat until all for legs have wheels.

Step 4: Halloween Morgue Gerney

Now flip your table over and let's get our 4 handles for the sides of our Gerney.
This is the step you need your gloves - prefer leather not cotton, if you get cotton glove caught in the drill bit it can be dangerous and with a tightly fitting leather glove the risk is less, and use your glasses again. Option one drill out the rivets that hold the slide mechanism to the walker, don't pull the top of rivet "0" washer looking off the drill bit with your fingers. " It's hot" use your pliers to take it off the end of the drill to precede to the next rivet.
Option 2 you could use a grinder and grind of the rivets if it's easier for you.

Step 5: Halloween Morgue Gerney

This step we have the rivets removed and we can mark the length of our handles and cut them with the hack saw. Repeat until you have four handles.

Step 6: Halloween Morgue Gerney

Now we need to mark the table to drill the holes/ tube size for our handles. I used a variable hole size drill bit. Once you have the first two holes drilled stop and try to fit your handle in. The handles are a slight bit angled out so see and learn from the first two hole how to finish drilling the last 6 holes.

Step 7: Halloween Morgue Gerney

This step is our finished Gerney. Total total cost for me was under $20.
I found a real Gerney on the bay for $100 but shipping was over $350.
So In the end I needed a table with wheels and here we have it. I added my corpse and it looks awesome.
Happy building and happy Halloween.

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