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About: I'm french, I live in a house, I love build with K'nex and Arduino, I have a YouTube chanel, and for Halloween, my garden become an haunted garden...

Hi ! Halloween is coming, and for this year I want to build an horror garden, I've starting to build 3 motorised swinging axes, and now I can explain you how to build it, but warning ! I've enormaly used K'nex to build it, if you want, you should try to build it with an other material.

But you should go on
"K'NEX User Group", or on "KNEX.com", for buy wath you need.

So, get see what you need to build a motorised swinging axe !

Step 1: Part List

For build the motorised swinging axe, you need:

-a broom handle ( 120cm on 2,3cm )

-a big brown scotch roll

-a normal scotch roll


-a gummed craft roll (or big Brown scotch roll)

-hot glue


-iron wire

-wooden plate (2cm breadth / 6.8cm thickness)

-a drill

-K'nex parts:

if you don't have enough K'nex parts or if you don't have K'nex, go on "K'NEX User Group", or on "KNEX.com", for buy wath you need.

-4 medium red gears

-2 small grey gears

-1 white gear

-2 grey rods

-13 red rods

-19 yellow rods

-32 blue rods

-45 white rods

-48 green rods

-1 black straight rod

-1 white connector

-9 3d blue connectors

-27 3d purple connectors

-45 yellow connectors

-4 green connectors

-20 red connectors

-12 light grey connectors

-49 dark grey connectors

-1 grey motor 12volts

-1 k'nex 12volts power supply

-2 black Y clips

-18 blue spacers

-26 grey spacers

-2 small blue clips

-9 pink lock clips

Step 2: The Appropriate Location

For set your motorised swinging axe, I advise you to set it under a car shelter, like me. But, if you don't have car shelter you must suspend it with cable. Or if you have other idea, you must do with an other manner, but, don't forget to the wooden plate should be motionless, and you should be sure to it's not fale on somebody !

Step 3: The Axe

Build the axe

-you need carton, brown scotch roll, (and other materials for make the sketch of the axe) for this step.

Step 4: Axe Handle

For this step you need:

-the handle, and K'nex pieces.

Step 5: Assembly the Axe and the Handle

You need the axe, the handle, the big brown scotch, and a carton piece of 50 cm on 10 cm.

Step 6: The Balance

make the balance

-you need the normal scotch roll, and K'nex pieces for this step !

Step 7: The Structure

make the structure, you only need K'nex pieces for this step.

Step 8: The Mechanism (part1)

you need the structure and K'nex pieces for this step.

Step 9: The Mechanism (part 2)

you need the mechanism (part 1) and K'nex pieces for this step.

Step 10: Installation

Now it's time to install the swinging axe !

You must install it alone, or you must ask help to someone.

You just need a chair.

Step 11: Final Result

Well done !

Please chare it if you like it !

If you have a question or a problem ask in the tchat !

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    2 years ago

    This is really cool! I like that you used knex and and the knex part looks really complicated. This is great!

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