Halloween Orc

Introduction: Halloween Orc

As she has gotten older, her costumes have become more elaborate. But she has to spend more time working on them, so she understands the tradeoff. This was for Halloween, 2014. I do not have a lot of pictures of her all painted up, but we used latex face piece and some elf ears. Lots of green facepaint. Most of what I have here is the armor.

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Step 1: Chest Armor

This, like all the other pieces, is made of fun foam. This had a large sheet that we cut out to cover her chest, then bought a bunch of precut circles, which we promptly cut in half. Hot Glue, mod podge, paint. I added grommets at the top and bottom, and we had ribbon that crossed her back to hold it on.

Step 2: Shin Guards

She wanted each piece to be different, as I guess Orcs collect items from others... So each was a different color, and had different designs. More of those circles, cut in half, hot glued to a long strip of fun foam. Mod podge and paint. Those designs are puff paint, left to dry, and then either use rub 'n buff, or more paint. Once again, grommets and ribbon to hold them on. I added beads at the end of the ribbons, so it wouldn't pull through.

Step 3: Pauldron

She ended up not wearing this, because it was too cold and it wouldn't fit over her coat. but this is fun foam on cardboard. the edging is window insulation, the grey round foam that comes in long strips, and is only about 1/4 inch wide. great stuff.

Step 4: Vambraces

She decided she wanted pointy ones, so we once again went with the fun foam and the insulation. I had to cut that insulation in half, and that was tedious, but these turned out really well. Once again, grommets, ribbon and beads to hold them on. Puffy paint for the details.

Step 5: Final Thoughts

This was the first costume that she really took an interest in, and we spent some time planning and putting together. We have since done others that I have liked better, but this was one of our first, and I think it was pretty good. I just wish I had more pictures.

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