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Introduction: Halloween Pennant

Isn’t it fun to make Halloween pennant/flag post for your garden or front yard. This easy flag post is super inexpensive and takes 15 minutes to make them! Here are the details and get ready to take up a new DIY project..;-)

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Step 1: Gather the Material

Felt Pennants – Black or Orange ($1.99 for 2) – Hobby Lobby

Curtain trims – 1/4 yard – 50 cents – Hobby Lobby

Dowel rods – 59 cents each – Hobby Lobby

Free printables of pumpkin and bats (printed on card stock)

Word document of your favorite quote (printed on card stock)

School glue or hot glue gun

Googly eyes (optional)

Step 2: Create the Flag Post – Glue the Felt Pennant Onto Dowel Rod Using Hot Glue Gun.

Step 3: Now Add Pumpkin and Bat Paper Cutouts, the Paper Letter Cut Outs of Your Favorite Quote. I Also Added Little Green Trim and Goggly Eyes.

Step 4: Tadahhh.... You Have It Ready :-)

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