Halloween Pixie-Sweet Tea




Introduction: Halloween Pixie-Sweet Tea

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I've put Pixie Sticks in my beverages since I can remember. BUT, I only add it to sun tea when they show themselves around this time every year. I kind of dressed the glasses and pitcher up and added straws for a better instructable. Lets face it, If your putting Pixie Sticks in your sun tea, you have a sweet tooth and are chasing a sugar buzz!

Step 1: Ingredients

Sun Tea, Pixie Sticks, Candy Corn, Cream Pumpkins, Bendy Straws, Ring Pops

Step 2: Prep

-Make some sun tea.
-I cut my straws to fit the glass size.
-Notch your Candy Corn and Cream Pumpkins to fit on the rim of the glass. Then moisten them and apply to glass rim so they will stick.
-Cut the plastic (it protects your finger from getting sticky) off the Ring Pop and apply to your pitcher handle for some sweet bling!
-Now, choose a color (or don't), pour in tea to your liking, and drink your fill.



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    What a darling idea for a Halloween Luncheon Party!

    Heck... the candy glass garnish would also work for coffee or cocktails!


    These pictures were taken from a phone? I think they are pretty good but I do agree with scoochmaroo about the size. Thanks for sharing and happy Halloween! Wish you the best on the contest entry!

    UM.... point taken! I got rid of them all ready. I'm learning how to use my phone for everything and ....... well I'm learning and I have a tendency to ditch what I don't need. I'm having some issues and I'm a bit of an electronic dolt. BUT........ THANK YOU, I do believe I worked the problem out and I needed the feedback on this one because I was disappointed on how distorted the photo seemed to be.

    Sounds like you need to win a camera in one of our Halloween contests!! I'm glad you were receptive to my comments. The composition and color is really great. At first I was like, hey, someone stole pictures from the internet and is trying to pass it off as their own! But then I saw who the author was :)

    You got to love a smart phone! Every picture I shoot goes to photobucket. Not only did I figure the sizing out, they turned out pretty nice. Thanks again