Halloween Pumpkin


Introduction: Halloween Pumpkin

Halloween pumpkin - awesome decoration at HALLOWEEN! So, I show how make it!

Step 1: Need!

Step 2: Pumkin Color!

Pumpkin color! I chose the color yellow, but you can chose red, blue, green and more colors. The choice is yours!

Step 3: The Color Scheme!

Arrange the colors as shown in the scheme!

Step 4: Start!

Put bands as shown in the photos!

Step 5: Repeat!

Put the new bands as shown in the picture and repeat this step until the end of the scheme!

Step 6: One Step to Finish!

Do as shown in the photos!

Step 7: One More Step!

Pierce rubber as shown in the picture! Then put on clip and hast your pumpkin!

Step 8: Last Step!

Do as shown in the photo!

Step 9: Done!

Your Hallowen pumpkin is DONE! Pumpkin can hang on a key, the phone and more!

Thanks for reading!

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