Halloween Shot Glass





Introduction: Halloween Shot Glass


Step 1: Tools and Materials

My project is making a Halloween Shot Glass. These are the pictures I have. You take a soldering iron a bucket filled it with ice and water. I think all the ice melted but that doesn't mater. The bucket of water and ice or just water is to cool down the iron to make it safer to use. It may not protect you if you do something stupid with it.

Step 2: Getting Ice

I recommend you not to drink anything from the project and the shot glasses you make because the soldering iron may leave stuff behind and what ever it leaves behind may not be good for you. You take a zip lock bag or what ever you don't want anymore that can hold water. Make sure that nothing leaks out because it's suppose to be a block of ice when you get it out of the freezer. Check to see if the water is frozen before working on no it. Just because the ice is hard doesn't mean that the water is completely frozen.

Step 3: Working on Your Block.

You can usually tell by looking at it if you see any bubbles. If the bubbles are there or moves around then you have more freezing to do. Once the ice is done take it out and put it on a plate. A lot of plates can't handle heat so be careful. Once you have a plate, a soldering iron, and bucket of water and ice or just water then you can start working on your ice block. Good Luck.

PS. I don't know how hard or expensive this project is. Don't get frustrated or break your budget. It could be easy and not expensive. It all depends. Something bad may happen to what ever you use. I also take NO RESPONSIBILITY.



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    So... Would I be stepping over the mark if I say; it's marked as "Halloween Shot Glass" but... You're not actually supposed to drink from it. And it's not particularly halloween-related. And it's actually pretty darn dangerous... Both in terms of using a high-gain electrical appliance wet, and in terms of contamination... A mold would be a much better way. All you'd need are two cups, one of which fits inside the other with a healthy margin.

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    You are right about everything you said except for it not being Halloween related. True a mold would be safer but it wouldn't be as fun. You can drink from it but you're be taking your life into your own hands at that point. But it's suppose to be a decoration piece though. It would look great with pumpkins and other Halloween decorations. Basically speaking if your truly that afraid of being poisoned or electrocuted then you shouldn't be doing this project but good luck if you plan on doing it though.

    I was completely unaware that "looks good with pumpkins" and "potentially lethal" were good indicators of Halloween-ness.

    When you're carving a pumpkin you're using tools. Like saws and knives. If you use a knife to carve a pumpkin there's a chance you can cut yourself. Danger is apart of Halloween but safety exist everywhere. You should be careful using a soldering iron just like you have to be careful using a knife to carve a pumpkin. Remember that just because something is dangerous doesn't mean you can't do it safely.

    Dude, what is it you're trying to accomplish here ? You appear to be melting a hole on a block of ice with a soldering gun. There's so much going wrong here, I don't know where to begin. Soldering gun: probably a bad idea. Bucket of water to "cool down the gun to make it safer to use": probably a really bad idea.

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    Actually,I didn't mean to be so harsh. I liked your project idea. A soldering gun is basically a high amp controlled short with a heat-resistant handle. A little water in the housing with a damp handle and that thing could really light you up. I'd like to see somebody have crack at it with a Dremel. Less wet, probably easier to shape and no worry about contamination. Cheers

    Contamination is a big concern with this project but I'm making it more of a arts and craft project then the making of a tool or drinking vessel.

    I think you're using to soldering iron to shape out a shotglass ...right? The ending here isn't very clear, you might want to fix that. If that's what it is the: I'm not sure why you wouldn't just make a mold shaped like a shot glass.

    You are right that I used the soldering iron to shape out the shotglass. All the tools and materials are on the second picture. https://www.instructables.com/id/SB8QOKEF7KZRMTX/ That link should have the second picture I'm taking about. Not everything on the second picture is used for the instructable so be careful. Using a mold probably wouldn't make the design on the first picture and that's usually on the intro. I hope you enjoy doing this instructable and good luck.