Halloween Skull Makeup

Introduction: Halloween Skull Makeup

I made this for a technology class. Have fun.

Step 1: Start With Eye Makeup (Optional)

I started with having my eye makeup done but you can skip this.

Step 2: Paint Your Jaw White

The skull will need a white base to start with

Step 3: Black Line

Draw a black line across your lips leading into your cheeks

Step 4: Add Teeth

Draw lines up and down on the line for the teeth, almost like stitches across your original black line.

Step 5: Add Detail

Blend the edges of the teeth, round at the corners and blend roots down into white paint

Step 6: Add Jaw Detail

Trace inside of natural jaw structure

Step 7: Add Glitter (Optional)

Paint glitter onto the teeth

Step 8: Add Blood (also Optional)

Dab fake blood right above where the white line starts on your cheeks and allow it drip down

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    2 years ago

    That's a fun creepy makeup effect! :)