Halloween Sugru Lights




A fun mini project to make some custom Halloween decorations.

LED tea lights are used to add a little shine to some Sugru sculptures.

Step 1: What You Need

You will need

A few packs of Sugru.

LED tea lights.

A few tools to shape the Sugru, I used a small screwdriver.

Step 2: Modify the LED Tea Light

I pulled off the plastic flame to make the tea light a little easier to model around.

Step 3: Make Your Sugru Model

Make your Sugru sculpture.

To let the LED shine out make sure the sculpture is hollow and put a few holes in it.

How I made the pumpkin:

You will need to mix a few custom colours:
Light orange: I mixed 1 white Sugru pack, two yellow and a small amount of red.
Slightly darker orange: Take a bit of light orange and add a bit more red.
Brown: Mix a bit of blue yellow and red.

Make a hollow dome with the light orange Sugru.

Add thin lines of dark orange to add the hi lights, blend in with a pointed shaping tool (small screwdriver).

Make the dome a bit more pumpkin shaped.

Use the brown Sugru mix to make the stalk.

Poke in the eye and mouth holes.

Test on the LED tea light.

Lots more sculpting tips and ideas on the Sugru website.



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