Halloween Theme Resin Cabochons Stud Earrings

About: Hi, guys! I love making things by myself.

Halloween jewelry is various. Maybe I can’t buy many but I can make them myself!

With a resin cabochon and ear stud peg, you can easily make a pair of delicate earrings! Follow me to have a funny try!

Step 1: Jewelry Making Supplies

Pieces Halloween Theme Resin Cabochons

Ear Stud Components

Glue Gun

Step 2: Instructions

1. Prepare some Halloween theme resin cabochons as you like, such as pumpkin Jack-o’-lantern, witch hat, skull, witch besom, ghost castle, spider web and witch head!

2. Glue the ear stud components and cabochons together with glue guns. Wait until the nail polish is dry. Then the shell ear studs are finished!

It is a simple earrings tutorial. And we will get many different earrings if we can find much enough cabochons! Come and have a try!

For more information about jewelry making supplies, please visit: https://www.cobeads.com/



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