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Introduction: Halloween Pum-Cakes Grove Autumn Cupcakes

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I have always wanted to make a Halloween themed cupcake
I was skimming through a magazine when I saw autumn themed cupcakes with chocolate trees
I knew I wanted to make them
As I started making then I started adding cats and pumpkins and even jack-o-lanterns to the cupcakes
I even made my own modeling chocolate
This was a very easy way and inexpensive way of making Halloween themed cupcakes

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Step 1: Ingredients and Materials

Chocolate and white chocolate


Cupcakes (any flavor)

White frosting

Powdered sugar

Piping bag or plastic bag

Food color

Paper and pen

Wax paper

Optional: food pen

Step 2: Making the Decorations

The Trees:
Melt some chocolate on the stove on medium with a little bit of milk in a pot
Stir the chocolate while it is melting
Make sure to watch the chocolate so it does not burn!
After the chocolate has melted, pour the chocolate into a piping bag
Draw out some trees on a piece of paper and tear a piece of wax paper to place on top of the drawn trees
Start piping out the trees onto the wax paper following your drawn trees
Make sure to pipe a lot of chocolate so it does not break easily and is more stable
I even piped a cat for the cupcakes and some fences
Place the chocolate decorations into the freezer until firm

For the pumpkins:
Melt some white chocolate, about how much modeling chocolate you want, in a pot with a little bit of milk
Melt the chocolate on medium
When the chocolate has melted, add in some orange colored food color or mix 2 parts yellow and 1 part of red food color
After the chocolate has melted, add some powdered sugar 2 tbs at a time
Keep on doing this until you get a dough-like clay
Separate the dough into however many pumpkins you want
Roll the ball of chocolate in your hand until you make a ball
Take a butter knife and start making the ridges of the pumpkin by slicing it around the pumpkin not all the way through
Flatten the pumpkin a little so it looks more realistic
Pipe a little bit of green frosting on the top of the pumpkin to make the stem
To make a jack-o-lantern, draw on a face on the pumpkin
Of course you can always use the candy pumpkins you can buy
But I didn't have them on hand

Step 3: Decorating the Cupcakes

After you have made the cupcakes and they are cool
Dye some white frosting green and scoop into a piping bag
Ice the tops of the cupcakes with green frosting
Take a knife and make a slit in each of the piped cupcakes
Place the chocolate trees into the slits inside the cupcakes
Also do this for any other chocolate decorations like the fences and cats
Dye some white frosting orange and start piping dots on the green icing and on the branches of the chocolate trees
This will be the leaves
You can also use the leave shaped sprinkles instead but I didn't have any on hand
Gently place the pumpkins onto the "ground" of the cupcakes on the green icing
Decorate these cupcakes any way you want to

Step 4: Results

These Halloween themed cupcakes were very easy to make
I hope you will make these cupcakes this Halloween
This is also a great time for your kids to help out by making these cupcakes

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