Halloween Tree and Candles




--Gathered branches from corkskrew willow trees.  Wrapped tape around bottom of branches to fasten them together.  Stuck them in a crock, and stuffed newspaper and tissue paper in the bottom to secure branches in an upright position.

--Used Halloween Cricut Cartridge, and cut out several different creatures using textured paper.  Used modge podge to glue them to background shapes for a mat, and then a larger shape for a frame.  Used modge podge on the front to make a nice matte finish on each ornament.  Once dry, I used modge podge on the back of each ornament.  When dry, I placed between heavy books to flatten the ornaments.  Small clothes pins were used to hold ornaments on tree branches.

--Candles were made out of glass jars, and glasses picked up at Goodwill.  I used the Cricut to cut out black vinyl adhesive Halloween pictures.  Stuck them onto the glasses.  Finished large pickel jar with a black and white ribbon.  Small bats and spiders make shadows on the wall behind them when candles are lit.

--Small jack-o-lantern and mummy candles were made using embroidery floss dipped in liquid starch.  Cut out faces using cricut, and used modge podge to glue them onto the candles.



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