Halloween Wobblers

Introduction: Halloween Wobblers

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These wobblers spin, wobble and always land upright. Whether one needs a paperweight or a spinner for their favorite game, these will do the trick. In fact, if you just like to drop things and see if they land on their feet, these are for you!

Wobblers are 3d printed, painted and loaded with coins. These are NOT suitable for small children since the coins can spill out and small pieces break off if they are brutally abused.

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Step 1: Witch

Print the witch base (flat side down) at 100% fill with supports. Print the top with supports, raft and 0% fill.

For weight in the base, I used five nickels (the base is designed for quarters, but that gets more costly and isn't necessary).

Step 2:

Insert the nickels in the base. They will slide around a bit, but that doesn't seem to matter.

Step 3:

Insert the printed plug above the nickels and glue or melt it into place.

Step 4:

Connect the base and the top. This can be done using superglue or (my preference) melting with a soldering iron.

Step 5:

Paint and glue on googly eyes (my wife, Annelle did the artistic work).

Step 6: The Ghost

My wife, Annelle, formed the ghost using polymer clay. I scanned it on a Makerbot scanner. The scanned file is included in this step (in case you have some nefarious plans for the ghost).

Step 7:

Print the ghost mid upper and ghost upper using a raft, supports and 0% fill. Use the witch base at 100% fill.

Step 8:

This will break the bank (or maybe it becomes the new piggy, robotty bank) as you will need nine quarters (sorry, nickels won't do).

Step 9:

Secure the base to the mid section (legs) using glue or by melting.

Step 10:

At this time, I will note that many variations of size, fill and legs were tested. I also played with making the "ears with antenna" be a "sword stuck through from the left."

Step 11:

It is best to paint these pieces before putting them together, otherwise it can be quite difficult to get to the legs.

As a word of advice, don't use a blow dryer on the plastic to speed up the paint drying process (kind of like using a blow dryer on ice cream).

Step 12:

Now they are complete. If you make lots of these and drop them onto the floor (low pile carpet is safest), they will all land upright . . . enjoy!

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    3 years ago

    These are so fun! I love the Instructables ghost one :)