Halloween Wreath



Introduction: Halloween Wreath

This is an easy way to decorate your front door for Halloween


3 wreath forms
Mesh roll ( any color)
Fall leaves
Hot glue
Glue sticks
Foam pumpkins
Black acrylic paint
Paint brush ( fine tip)

Step 1: Wreath Shape

Start by joining the 3 wreath forms with the mesh fabric , use hot glue to do this, be very careful( it's gonna hurt) lol now start sorting colors and shapes of leaves this will make it alot easier to place on wreath to get a good flow going....

Step 2: Start Gluing

Start gluing your leaves from the bottom up, pay attention to a pattern or particular colors you want to display , do all 3 wreath forms, add your " centerpiece" so to speak , pick a piece that is fun, or scary, a pumpkin perhaps? Anything goes, attach it to the very top by securing it with floral wire , reinforce with hot glue

Step 3: Pumpkins a Bat and Lights

Start making faces on your foam pumpkins and hot glue them on , this was a last minute thing I had space on the bottom wreath, so I grabbed a glittery bat leftover from a project, hot glue it the wreath form itself so it can stay, now throw in some very cool lights that have 8 different modes and a remote ( battery powered) set me back 3 bucks at dollar. General very cool, so light it up and enjoy!!

Happy hauntings!

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