Halloween Zip Line - H.Z.L. (Axworthy) Ghost




Introduction: Halloween Zip Line - H.Z.L. (Axworthy) Ghost

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This is a drive motor and pulley design for the HZL that is for light ghost on a relatively flat line along its path. There are many other sip line examples out there, mostly under the name Axworthy Ghost. This design is for those who want to keep the motor, assemble and pulley nodes small. The intended layout must be flatter and have relative little tension/weight in it's end running state.

The primary focus for this instructable is the motor assemble but I will also touch on nodes of the system because they all use the same design principle of allowing the pulley angle (plain) to dynamically change with the main zip line angle on entrance and exit of the weight of the ghost or any object you want to run (reasonably light). This approach solves the issue of setup and run where the line finds the bottom edge of the pulley (often a bike tire) and rolls itself off. Because of this approach I have found it easy to downsize the pulley to a modified plastic clothesline pulley.

Step 1: Select Your Motor

Two key items to acquire before you start it the motor and compatible mounting brackets. The 3D parts for this project are designed to work with the motor and bracket I bought off Amazon.

Amazon Link: Motor https://amzn.to/2mzlupa

Amazon Link: Mounting Bracket https://amzn.to/2LeFDiV

While I'm not an electrical expert I did buy this motor controler (https://amzn.to/2LrYdUe) and so far it has worked fine.

Step 2:

If you get a different motor you will need to download and redesign the "HZP Motor Balance Bracket" and the motor weather shroud. I have made the Fusion 360 files available on my hub: assembly- https://a360.co/2O7qHkF shroud- https://a360.co/2NCANsF

Step 3: Additional Materials

Motor Assembly Fasteners based on the 3D printed brackets:

3D printed Things: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3017107


Eye bolt -https://www.mcmaster.com/#9489t18/=1dtpccq

M3 x 0.5 mm hex nuts https://www.mcmaster.com/#92497a200/=1dtp94f


M3 Screws - https://amzn.to/2LyW2OL

Eye Bolt and Nut - https://amzn.to/2Nxkg9p

Pulleys - https://amzn.to/2LIyfJ5

Step 4: Understanding the Nodes (non-motor)

The same clothesline pulleys can be used for what I call the "nodes". You will need to cut off one side (bottom) so that the "drop line" can pass around the pulley. I use a bent eye bolt that the pulley basically just hangs from. Many people online build their Axworthy Ghost by mounting to trees or homes. For my nodes I used 1" conduit to elevate the zip line above 8 feet and also offset the pulley from the pole so the ghosts do not wrap around anything as they sway in the wind making the turns.

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    A video of it in use would be nice....


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    The only one i have is already embedded in this page. I'll take more next year. :-(