_THE DARK NIGHT__ ____________(PIXLR)

Introduction: _THE DARK NIGHT__ ____________(PIXLR)

About: my name is dilroop singh i m very much crazy in editing pics >> i was recently was choosen As Graphic designer for www.itoall.com

this pic i have made in pixlr is online n fast , 90 % as photoshop ,​  and very easy to use if u ever had worked with photoshop ,
working with pixlr is great experience,,, i am gonna use pixlr when ever i feel i need to edit some pic.
the final image is shown as below 

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Step 1: Step 1

first of all open
1 ) new tab > new file > choose any preset i choose  1024 X 768
2 ) draw a gradient with a black and dark orange color as shown
3 ) add a black ground as per scene in 3rd pic  which  show
4 ) download some of creepy trees as i downloaded two pics just surfing in google
5 )  copy trees in to file n place them as you like
6 )  creating awesome moon is very simple use yellow brush n make a circle
7 ) choose an orange color  n with a round brush make a layer behind trees 
add blur from filters(full value 100)
8) make moon look more smooth adding a orange ring on top of yellow circle n add some blur effect

Step 2: Step 2

1) download some pics from google image search
> hounted house
> witch
>some grass
and trees as in previous step

Step 3: Step 3

now working with layer is pixlr is also very nice experience
1) add bats to moon ,, and  adjust them on moon as per size rotation , edges etc
 for rotating use free transform option from edit menu
2 ) add clouds ,,adding clouds is easy just choose a whitish color and  make a pattern like clouds , then add Gaussian blur as per the requirements
3) add some cat with red eyes sitting on tree
4) make the ground irregular from a straight line
which give a nice look  

Step 4: Final Step

1) add grass to the the back of haunted witch's house 
2) don't forget to add haunted house with yellow window lights as she have no worries of electricity bills
3) add witch on moon looks like she is going for some murder stuff  also to get effect that she is riding just add black waves behind her path and ,, blur is with Gaussian blur which looks she is moving into sky on broom
4 ) add pumpkins to pic now with some more grass and color balance 
5 ) and happy Halloween made with simple  with smudge tool n text 

it was nice experience using pixlr its great software online ,, :) give a try

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    7 years ago on Step 2

    did you blackened the pics in the end ??


    7 years ago on Introduction

    this is very awesome pic ,,i to followed this n made some what closer one