Halloween, Decorate Your Old Jars to Look Like a Witch




Hi guys, this time as halloween is so close I have made a funny decoration, with old jars you have at home you can DIY this witch jars, it is very easy and funny to do with your children.

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Step 1: Materials You Need

For this easy halloween craft you will need:

- used and empty jars

- acrylic paints

- brush

- small brush

- thin rope

- salt

- permanent marker

- hot glue

- corks and/or polystyrene balls

Step 2: Step by Step Video and Images

Use the marker to write the name of the ingredient you want, brush up with glue, use white glue over the jar, salt it, let dry and paint it! For a better explanation watch the video.

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3 years ago

It looks really cool!!God job :)