Halloween Decoration Light

Introduction: Halloween Decoration Light

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compiled by :: Moksham Chhabra

here is a step by step instructable for Halloween decorations ..
( note :: u can hang these balls on trees outside your house or inside as u please. hope it satisfy u.)

Step 1: Material's

1 big balloon
a peice of paper
decoration lights
blade / cutter
a little toilet paper
a compass

Step 2: Cutting the Balloon and Making Its Body..

as u can see just cut the mouth of the balloon .like shown in the pictures.

now strech the balloon as shown above. then wrap the lights in the shape of a ball and place it inside the streched balloon.
as shown above......

Step 3: Making It Look Scary

now take the toilet paper's and roll them then tape them from one side as shown in the fig.

now take the strips of toilet paper that u made and swing it round and round around the pen making it look like a spyrell or in the shape of a tunnel.
repeat the same process to the others.

Step 4: Attaching Its Hair.

now take the strips and one by one attach them to the taped mouth of the balloon after that take the remaining peices of the toilet paper roll and make a sheet out of it as shown in the fig.

now attach the small sheet of toilet paper above the rolls . it should look like the above fig.

Step 5: Making the Hat and the Final Touches

take the piece of paper and with the help of the conpass draw a large circle as shown above.

cut the circle out and draw a line which intersects the center of the circle.

cut the intersecting line till it reaches the middle with the help of a cutter.

make a cone out of it and tape it well.

now cut a little square as shown above in the cone.

then tape the cone on the evil which's head

and last of all draw a scary face on the ball.plug it on and have a scary fun

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