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Introduction: Halloween in a Surrey Woodland

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Each year my co workers and myself have a couple of fun nights scaring the local kids, below are some pictures of the special effects.

This was my version of the child catcher  pictures were taken on the night without flash so slightly blurred, daylight one... no excuse for the blurring :)

The dragon head is uv reative, head has full movement via a pantograph and servo motors, breathes flames and roars.

The other dragon is again uv reactive, this runs along an overhead zip wire flapping its wings as it goes.

Billy bones is photo reactive and is worn by a member of staff, the only photo I can find is with him at rest.

If other usefull photos of the night turn up I will add them, enjoy

Regards rog8811

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    Nower wood, near Leatherhead

    Regards rog8811