Halloween or Birthday Deer Pinata

I'm a kindergarten teacher who loves to bake!

Intro: Halloween or Birthday Deer Pinata

Just in time for Halloween!  My boys dressed up as zombies and we had a Halloween party at our house.  A plain pinata would not do!  Our family loves to hunt and we thought it would be funny to have a pinata in shape of a little deer for our dear zombies to eat!  So here are some photo's of our creation, I'm sorry we didn't take step by step, maybe next time.  If you have questions I think I can help you out!  The best, we filled it with only red candy so when it exploded it looked like deer guts, fun and nasty all in one!  Enjoy!



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    HA!!! I laughed at the fact you filled it with red candy that's fantastic! Very nice job! Now I know you could make your boys a monster!

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    I should try to get my husband on that! It was really funny to watch red candy flow all over the place!