Halloween Skull Effect



This tutorial shows you how to create a half face skull effect using photo shop

Step 1: Find a Picture

eitere take one with a webcam or upload one of a random person. and open in photo shop

Step 2: Find a Image of a Skull

find any image of a skull i got this one from google images

Step 3: Pacement

grab the skull and place it over your face. use the free transform tool to make it cover most of your face

Step 4: Lower

lower the opacity of the skull layer down to 60 percent or whatever you think looks best

Step 5:

select the skull layer and use the eraser tool to erase what ever part of the face that you want to stay the same

Step 6: Final Step

select the burn tool and set it to shadows.
click and drag over the face and skull until you have the color that you enjoy the best.

Step 7: All Done

you have now completed the skull tutorial please comment if you have any questions 



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