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Introduction: Halloween Spiderweb Eggs

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For a wicked, artistic and nutritious Halloween food/treat, nothing beats this spider-inspired charm: spiderweb eggs.

Webs are "spun" with the help of blueberries added to the water as the eggs cook. The berries impart their color, but magically leave no flavor to the eggs.

This treat is one of my child's Halloween treats every year. Actually the eggs are so photogenic that the photo can be framed as an art piece.

If you can hard boil eggs, you can make this treat to charm whoever you please with easy 1-2-3-4 steps.

Step 1: Wash the Eggs.

Wash the eggs really well as they are soaked in the cooking water to spin the web.

Step 2: Boil the Eggs.

Cover the eggs with water

Add 1 cup frozen blue berry

Boil the eggs the same way as you have done hundreds of times before.

Step 3: Crack the Shells.

Place the egg on a towel

Use a soup spoon crack one side of the egg shell

Place the cracked egg back in the cooking water

Place the whole pot in the fridge overnight. (That's how I let time does the work for me while I sleep. If you can't wait, sacrifice one egg to see if shorter time works.)

Step 4: Remove the Shell

Remove the shell very carefully little by little. This is probably the hardest of the whole project. The spider web on the thin film that covers the egg white is more obvious than on the egg white. You can peel the whole egg or just partially to reveal the spider web.

Serve with a pinch of salt. Garnish with plastic spider if you like.

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11 Discussions

I like the idea of using the blueberries for colouring. Gives you a nice strong colour without having to use a lot of food colouring. And kids love boiled eggs. Great idea. :-)

1 reply

Very cool. I guess you can also do it with food coloring instead of blueberries.

What about the finger cookies, can you share the "recipe"?

1 reply

yes yes, that recipe is coming too, everything is ready I just need time to put the instructables together, I have a new baby now...

I really love it! They're very nice! Do you think that it can work well as yours if I use sepia black? Here in Italy blueberry are very expensive :(

1 reply

Since my child and others eat the egg, I didn't try with any synthetic color (some of them are chemical sensitive).It won't hurt to try using sepia black with just 1 egg to see if it works.

Wow I never thought of doing this. Great idea. For a second i thought it was white chocolate.

In Taiwan, we call it "茶葉蛋". You can buy it in anywhere, and it has good taste and smell.


1 reply

yes, same coloring concept but I feel blueberry does the job much faster, the result is more artistic. Tea does impart it's flavor to the egg though.