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Introduction: Halloweenie Beanie

Hi this indestructible shows how to make small Halloween Beanies. These are all my wife's work. You can follow the steps and change the design to make whatever characters you can imagine.

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Step 1: Make a Template

Draw your design onto some paper then cut it out. Pin it onto your choice of felt.

Step 2: Cut Out Shape

Cut around your template and through the felt to leave your desired shape.

Step 3: Repeat Step 2

Repeat step 2 so you have 2 shapes exactly the same, to use as the front and back.

Step 4: Check the Shapes

Lay the 2 shapes on top of each other to check they are the same, trim if needed.

Step 5: Eye

Cut out the eye from your template, pin it to your choice of felt, draw around it with chalk. If you don't have chalk use a pen on the reverse. Cut out the eye with scissors.

Step 6: Nose, Teeth, Mouth, Pupil

Repeat the same process as step 5 to make a pupil for the eye, a mouth, some teeth, a nose and any other thing you want to add to your design.

Step 7: Begin Assembly

Glue the pieces into place using fabric glue, pva will do. Apply thinly to avoid felt crinkling. Leave to dry. When dry you can begin to stitch. Stitch a small cross to fix the pupil. Sew around the eye with small evenly spaced stitches. Stitch the other features in place in same manner.

Step 8: Stitch Body

Pin the 2 parts together. Stitch around the edge of the body. Use thicker thread and use a contrasting colour if you want it to stand out as a feature. Don't sew all the way around, leave a pencil width gap.

Step 9: Fill the Beanie

Fill the beanie, push dried beans in the hole you left using a pencil. You could use dried rice or lentils or a normal stuffing. When full sew the gap closed. Remove any pins. You are now finished. Thanks for looking.

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