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Introduction: Hallway Play Tent @ Camp Oma

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For a play date at Camp Oma, a tent is a must. I designed one that is super portable, easy to store, and sets up in a hallway. It’s adjustable to fit most any hallway.


  • Three tension rods--I used short shower curtain rods
  • Fabric—four to five yards
  • Thread, pins
  • Sewing Machine
  • Sewing tools as needed

For more details visit: MotherDaughterProjects.com

Step 1: Mark and Sew Fabric Casings

The tent is made by simply sewing three casings and optional hem in the fabric yardage of your choice. Non-fraying fabrics, such as knits, do not have to be hemmed. Those that fray will need a hem.

There are two ways to mark the casings.

Step 2: Mark the Casing Without Measuring

Place the three tension rods about three feet apart with the middle one about a foot above the others. Drape the fabric over the rods with one side just brushing the floor or if you are going to hem the edge leave enough extra to make a hem. On each of the rods pin the fabric under each pole to mark a casing. Mark a hem or cut off where it touches the floor.

Take the fabric to the sewing machine and sew the casings and optional hem. Casing are about 1 1/2” wide. Make them wide enough so that the tension rod you are using will easily fit through.

Step 3: Mark the Casings by Measuring

On each end of the fabric, mark the desired height--mine is about 3 feet from floor to each side rods. Fold the fabric wrong sides together, stitch about 1 1/2” from fold to form casing.

Fold fabric again wrong sides together to find middle of the fabric, mark and sew the middle casing. Hem the fabric if desired.

Step 4: Set Up Tent

To use: Thread the poles through the casings. Position the first pole at a height so the side just brushes the floor, and continue putting the others into place or however high you want it. Twist the poles to tighten or loosen.

Please note, on certain wall paint finishes the rod ends may mark the finish. Take note and use some kind of protective pad, such as felt, to protect finish.

Step 5: Want More?

For more details and how to make the felt campfire visit: MotherDaughterProjects.com.

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