Knex Halo 1 Magnum.




Well here it is, my halo 1 knex magnum. its also my first replica of a gun (that i have instructions for) it really does look like the real thing. i choose the halo 1 magnum because its a nice clean gun to replicate. not that bad for my first replica, is it?


12 round magazine like the real thing.
true trigger.
comfy handle.
good power.
looks realistic


it might jam. (occasionally)
trigger needs broken green rod or y connector. (optional, but it makes the gun work smoother)

(thanks to hiyadudez for the metalic one!)

Step 1: Handle/magazine

this is what holds the bullets.

pic 1: build (the handle/magazine)
pic 2: build these (panels for comfort)
pic 3: add them to the handle/magazine.

Step 2: Body/barrel

this is the main part of the gun.

pic 1: 1st layer and insides.
pic 2: add the 3rd layer.
pic 3: add (read notes)

Step 3: Trigger

nice and simple trigger.

pic 1: side view (the broken piece is not needed, but it makes the gun work smoother)
pic 2: add these other parts.

Step 4: Handle Guard

this gives the gun alot of looks.

pic 1: side view.
pic 2: top view.

Step 5: Firing Pin and Magazine Pusher

very easy step.

pic 1: make these (read note)

Step 6: Assembly, Loading and Firing

this step shows you how to assemble the gun, and how it works.

pic 1: connect the handle/magazine to the body/barrel.
pic 2: add the trigger.
pic 3: add the handle guard.
pic 4: add bands and firing pin.
pic 5: load 12 grey connectors in here.
pic 6: fully loaded (read note)

how to use: pull the firing pin back until you hear a 2nd click (1st one is the trigger) and the lightly push forward. its now loaded, pull the trigger to fire! (repeat this every shot)

Step 7: Your Done!

your done! hope you liked it, have much fun with it!



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    2 years ago

    Made it, it works well, shoots far and looks incredible


    4 years ago on Introduction

    AMAZING! This really looks like the real thing! Nice job!

    P.S. What a tribute to Bungie(devs. of Halo CE aka Halo aka Halo 1) because of the seven steps!

    dr. richtofen

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Yep :) The M.Uzi's awesome too (IMO) have red tiger on it =D (same for the M40A3, R700, M1014 and M.Uzi as far as I remember)