Halo 3 - All Gold & Silver Skull Locations


Introduction: Halo 3 - All Gold & Silver Skull Locations

Right here is my newest video. All 13 skull locations. Now this one took ages to edit so I hope you appreciate it!

Good Luck

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    8 Discussions

    i cant pick up the first skull i walk over it and it just stays there it is the colour of a normal skull does this mean ive already picked it up ? :/

    Actually, for the catch skull, you can destroy the AA wraith, just not not the standard wraith.
    Trust me, I got the cath skull with the AA wraith completely destroyed.

    could of explained some skulls a bit better. ive seen better explained skull videos!! it wuz ok though

    its bout the only way to get the achievements for the points but other than that there is really no purpose its even harder to find the ones in halo 2

    what do the skulls do apart from get achievements? great vid btw, might try to get some later :P