Halo 3 Map Fun!!!

Introduction: Halo 3 Map Fun!!!

This is at least one way to do something cool on every map in halo 3. The more the merrier, and having an experienced 'Hot Dropper' (I'll explain that later) with you will really help. Most of these need 2 people and A LOT OF COMMINICATION! So have fun, don't get shot, and eventually, you might want to consider getting a life.

EDIT: this was made a loooong time ago, so anything that says I will change, I wont, I have a life, sorry everyone, but make do with what I posted

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Step 1: Crouch Jumping

Not much too It, simply just crouch while you are in mid air.

Step 2: "Hot Dropping"

Thats what I call it. This requires 2 people. first you spawn a 2 way teleporter. Then you have another person hold a teleporter in place outside the map. Go through the first teleporter in monitor mode. Obviously sometimes you explode, but if its unblocked it is perfect to get out of map (reffered to as out-map (respectivly In-map))

Step 3: N00b Spawning

Simply delete all the spawn points then place one where you want to go. (this is only used once or twice in the tutorial.

Step 4: Turret Switching

This one is fairly complex. Spawn a turret with the back against the object you are going into. Jump on top of this turret, crouch, and get in it. Pull the Right TS all the way back and press up on the dpad. This is another great way to get to places hot dropping can't get you to

Step 5: "Double Jumping"

Have one guy stand in a spot. Have a second jump on top of him. when the guy on top jumps, the guy on bottom jumps shortly after. Then have the guy on top rapidly pressing a and he will jump on top of the bottom guy (who is already in the air) this is an equivelent to grenade jumping.


1. Xbox Live- Unfortunately I have not found any "Live" glitches, but I will keep looking.
2. Hot Dropping- Go into the back of one of the bases (By the teleporter) look back and you will see a glass pane with big blue and black tubes behind it. We do not like glass. Drop a teleporter (change channel to 5) then go all the way as far as you can facing the tubes. Simply Hot Drop behind this and you have breeding territory for screenshots.
3. NO other Glitches have been found, feel free to comment If you want me to add some

P.S. BTW I spend 3/4 of my time on halo doing this.

Step 7: Blackout

BEEP This map is out of service
I am really sorry but me and my "Hot Dropping" friends HAVE NOT experimented with this map yet

P.S.S. Probably a week or two after mythic comes out I will add those maps too

Step 8: Cold Storage

1.Xbox Live- I don't come across this in Live very often So haven't done much with it
2. Forge- THIS IS THE BEST MAP FOR SCREENSHOTS!!!!!!!!!! I swear go practically anywhere in this map. fly up and you have a brilliant map for screenshots

Step 9: Construct

1. Xbox Live- My friend and I do this all the time. Get in the top "ring". Go towards the area where the sniper and sword are. When you are in the area with yellow glass on either side... go to a corner and double jump on to the edge. This is an easy n00b pwning spot and really really fun to get to.
2. Forge- spawn a random teleporter and then spawn another teleporter on one of the outside "wings" in this map. Just go through teleporter A and you should be on top of the "wing"

Step 10: Epit******

ANOTHER ERROR. this map is slightly suckish so I don't choose to play it often. Sorry guys. I will see if I can overcome my boredom.

Step 11: Foundry

1. Xbox Live- You won't see this often, and I don't play it often
2. Forge- This is a Fun map to forge on, build random maps, and turret switch. Personally I like turret switching on the windowed sides of the map, the back fenced area, and the large fan, also the center counsole I have turret switched In before

Step 12: Ghost Town

This is a great map to Hot Drop. I have not experimented much, so I don't have any suggested sites. Hot Dropping for me has been succsessfull but I do not remember the spots I did it in.

Step 13: Guardian

WARNING!!! This Map Is EXTREMELY WELL BLOCKED!! There are invisible walls everywhere you would possibly want to go to. I love this map normally, but me and my buddies tried EVERYTHING. Not my suggested map

Step 14: High Ground

OOOOOH finially one of my favs! This one is simple. Just hot drop into the water area and explore! There is 1 xbox live thing I wanna point out. Get a grav lift. Deploy it on the bridge (about the middle), not the big one but the one all the way to the left (if looking towards the water), then get on top of the camo thing. This is kinda fun to do.

Step 15: Isolation

This map never shows up in Live and I HATE IT. So teh answeh is no! okai?

Step 16: Last Resort

Fun fun fun. Legendary for ghosts and hidden air ducts, this map is fun.
1. Xbox Live- Only 1 spot I like In live is below a staircase. Go to the shotgun area and walk away from the water. Pretty soon you will be going down a stair case (the metal one not the concrete one) after you go down it turn around to the side of it. You will need to crouch jump into it but then... go crazy)
2. Forge- Okay so the building on the left (facing away from the water) is where this is. go to that building (slightly towards the big round thing) and you will see a big gold plate on top of it. unfortunately you need to n00b spawn into this

Step 17: Narrows

Not much here. A few minor things here and there but no complex glitches needed.

Step 18: Rat's Nest

There is a way to get on the pelican. here it is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVBZH_2ZXFY&feature=related not much else I can help with here.

Step 19: Sandtrap

Ah beautiful sandtrap. Personally the only good place I have found is hotdropping ontu the very top towers. There isn't much to a pretty plain map like this one.

Step 20: Standoff

Ugh. Okay I was supposed to do this one tonight.... but my friend ditched me. So sorry gosh.

Step 21: Snowbound

Pretty simple. Get shot by "Guardians". Shoot the power cores. and hope you win.

Step 22: The Pit

Fun to randomly hot drop on. You can get out of the map. But not very far. Just screw around. Also 1 thing I want to point out is that the sword room has "windows" on either side on the top. so just chuck a few grenades in there... then have a buddy snipe the n00b who is out in the open with a sword.

Step 23: Vahalla

FINIALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! okay lets get the worst out first. Yes you can hot drop out of this map.
now the best part is the banshee next to a sniper. At the start of the game run, grab the sniper, and take the banshee. Now fly to the top of the tower and you will see a large ledge surrounded by smaller edges. you CAN GET ON THESE LEDGES. That is why you got the sniper. fly directly above the large edge and you will see a hole on the other side of that edge. Lodge the banshee in this edge (maybe need a few boosts), push the thumbstick all the way forward and leave the banshee. This takes some time to learn but you can do it. This is PERFECT FOR GETTING THE PERFECTIONIST MEDAL I have only been team killed at this position. After the banshee gets killed (it blows itself up eventually) get back up ontu the big ledge. From this big ledge ease off INTO the building. (do this when your sniper ammo is gone) you should land on an invisible barrier. From here you will see ledges on the left and right. try and get into these. Now you use your other weapon you have and pummel any enemys that unfortunately walk by. You can also do this if you have a banshee and dont have a sniper. Enjoy owning people.

P.S. I found this by myself and I haven't seen ANY other tutorials on it. I am spreading the secret. Enjoy.
P.S.S I will probably post a vid on utube on a tutorial on this
phew that was long

Step 24: Notes

If you want to be my xbox live friend or want help or anything. my gama tag is HemiBuff. PUT A MESSAGE ON IT!! I will not friend random people if I don't know what it's for
More glitches coming soon!

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