Halo 3 Brute Spiker





Introduction: Halo 3 Brute Spiker

This is the best brute spiker on the net for sure. It looks like one and fires like one as well.

Step 1: The Handle

This should be really easy just folllow the pictures.

Step 2: The Stock

One of the harder parts not the hardest though put this one takes a little bit of time and patience. Only put in the blue rodes that are not near the white connectors

Step 3: The Guts

Defiantly the hardest step so try to follow nag with the pictures. This might help but there are 6 orange connectors on each side and 6 blue connectors in the middle with white rods on the bottom of each one that go in between the two rows of orange connectors. Oh and once you put the guts in place well then it's time to put all those blue rods in ( Don't worry if the blue rods don't snap in most of them near the white connectors aren't supposed to.

Step 4: The Firing Pin

Really easy acually a firing pin consists of a gray rod and orange connector and a white rod (A good size of elestics would be about a good thick one normal sized. the blue rods in the second picture are very importent so get them in now

Step 5: Block Trigger

Really easy no explanation needed

Step 6: Loading and Firing

This is easy also just pull back the pins put the block trigger in and put two white or blue rods in an your done. As you can see the two blue tods are very importent in the second picture if these aren't there the block trigger won't work

Step 7: Finished!!!

Now you can go out and kill master chief with ease with your new knex spiker



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    45 Discussions

    I think ive made a more accurate version of the spike rifle, though its firing capabilities are only one grey rod at a time.

    Shall i post?

    can you take a pic lower down the handle please i cant see it

     this gun rocks!!!!!, i easily made it even when you didnt break it in seperate parts

    exept the bad thing is that sometimes it changes its firing range

    how long did it take to make it

    well...he can say it's the closest to one on the net, as there are only 2 that i know of...and the other one looks like a block of plastic

    I havnt seen anyone els on this website try to make a spiker. why dont you make one since you said this one "really dosnt look like a spiker".

    Tomboyrme's spiker looks a lot like it. I won't challenge you to make a better spiker, but I will try to make different halo guns.


    This is a great gun , have u considerd making any others? like the battle rifle?

    if anyone else has any halo weapons made , POST THEM !!! ( i probably made loads of spelling mistakes so dont bother telling me =D )

    3 replies