Halo Bloks: Get a Pelican to Carry a Warthog Like in the Game



Well it's been a while since i Modguy241 has posted something so i decided to do something of my fannery, by doing a.........HALO thing.


Step 1:

My mod shows you how to enable a pelican to carry a Warhthog like in the game.

Step 2:

What you need is a Halo MageBloks Pelican and Wahrthog. Then you'll need two 5 slot lego rails, 2 bionical small insert peices, and two big bionical insert peices.(If you can see I used two of the odst drop pod peices which seem to work better then the normal large insert pieces, and if your wondering what the larg insert peices look like they are another piece to the small ones.)

Step 3:

Now put the pieces together like in the picture shown.

Step 4:

If you cant see what this is its the underside of the pelican where those long holed pieces stick out. the pieces you just made go in the hole after the last one.

Step 5:



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    1 year ago

    I love it