Halo Combat Evolved Pepakura Armor Files

Introduction: Halo Combat Evolved Pepakura Armor Files

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Hey guys! I've been looking around on the Net for files for a Halo Combat Evolved Pepakura files and... they've all been deleted from 4shared :(

But: Good news. I've got the PDO's and the PDF's for the full armor sets, by MOZ. I'm uploading them here as a gesture of goodwill to the community.

Also, the link where I found the armor (still valid, thankfully,) is right here.


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Step 1: PDO's

All the raw Pepakura files you will need.

Step 2: PDF's

These are the ready-to-print files. They are 100% scale. There is also one more file in there, that's not in the PDO's. It's a more advanced version of the Mark V Helmet. The PDO file where I found it was deleted on 4Shared, so it's gonna be really hard to figure out how to piece together. Challenge accepted?

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    Cool. Do you have any pictures of assembled armor props?

    Chaos Theory Technologies
    Chaos Theory Technologies

    Reply 1 year ago

    Sadly, I do not. What exactly do you want them for? I'll be glad to help.