*INSPIRED* Hayabusa Halo Costume Made From Scotch Tape (same Makers of Duct Tape)


Introduction: *INSPIRED* Hayabusa Halo Costume Made From Scotch Tape (same Makers of Duct Tape)

About: Ok, I'm about 15, I like to build costumes and such, beginning to start working on cars with my dad, so I haven't been spending tons of time on building, plus I have school, So the stuff I have built, Includ...

Ok, I didn't take pictures of me making the costume, but I did do it recently and in a short amount of time, like less than a day, so I can give you guys a few tips and the ending result :)

Step 1: Tools and Equipment

Firstly, when it comes to building, you always need the right tools to get it done.

You would need images as a guide line a straight edge (ruler), exacto knife and or scissors (with parental guidance or permission of course), a sharpened pencil or pen cardboard and of course DUCT TAPE BRAND SCOTCH TAPE.

(unfortunately, since I finished the costume before I knew about this duct tape competition, I threw out my tape since I finished it.)

Step 2: Starting on Cutting, Shaping, Measuring Etc.. LOL

Ok, when ever I begin making my helmet, I always start with the face plate, or the face area. There are many ways of measuring your face and getting it right, like using measuring tape, or simply putting it against your face and marking it with a pencil. It will be more symmetrical by measuring first though. 

Step 3: Advice

Remember, when you do it, MAKE IT SYMMETRICAL. If you end up wanting to fibre glass it then detail it with bondo, you'll have difficulties, trust me, I faced that first hand.

And stay modivated,  or you will never get it done and it will take forever till its finished.

Message me if you need help. I can make a new one in the future and post it here iwth step by step info.

Step 4: There. LOL

I didn't full complete it, because once halo reach came out, I liked the suits in the new game alot more than halo 3. But as you can see the helmet and body could be fibre glassed and detailed with bondo if I decide to. But for now I'll focus on my current project that I'm bringing to comic con in Winnipeg, go to my page and check out my progress (I havent updated it in a month though LOL) 

So if you are planning on building something like this and need advice, than message me anytime :D

Completed, it cost me under 15 bucks, mostly because of the tape. But the cardboard was used from my old moving boxes.



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    Actually I don't have one. I was planning on making a website, and selling a bunch of game props once I found out how much of a ridiculously high price these things go for. But considering I'm grade 10, I don't have tons of free time on my hands.

    Unless you are asking about my progress on my other costume? LOL

    i just saw your other instructable NICE!! .. i just finished my HailStorm Costume.. i didnt fiberglassed cause i need to wear it this weekend.. maybe next year


    Nice! I'm not sure what the armor is based on though? I searched it up but the on web, but all that showed up was actual hail storms :P Got any reference pictures? all in all though, it's pretty awesome

    Oo, nice, yeah I checked it out, it'll look pretty awesome too if you ended up fibre glassing it

    You can get a free website at blogspot.com and post updates.. Or u can just update ur instructabe with ur progress.. I'm specially interested in ur fiber glass method.. I'm making a costume as we speak

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